That’s a curious fact about sex, isn’t it? It can border on the sublime when those emotions are present, yet I have to agree with you that the act needn’t be associated with them, and when that’s the case, your “physical act between objects with grasping arms, etc.”, though startling, is not an altogether inaccurate description.

I also agree that those emotions can exist without sex, although I’d speculate that without it they would never quite reach the heights that sex alone seems to induce.

My main point was that we should not ignore those emotions. I’d further say that, when the conditions are propitious, they can hardly be separated from the physicality of the act—both aspects could be considered two sides of the same coin. The sex act and the intense emotions it can arouse are inextricably intertwined. This connection must have conferred a Darwinian advantage in the past, and is thus part of our nature now. So I’d just like to reiterate that what we feel in relation to lovemaking, at least when those emotions are present, is no mere ideation that we apply to it retrospectively, to sort of sublimate the “dirty act”. But you seem to agree with the latter point already. Looking forward to your next post on those associated emotions.

Interested in natural selection, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, science in general, human nature, consciousness, philosophy and ethics.

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